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Welcome to Ideal Family Chiropractic, your trusted destination in Cache Valley for pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care, with a special focus on the nervous system, right in the heart of North Logan.

Our expertise is in identifying and addressing the root causes affecting your child’s health through the nervous system – be it physical discomfort, emotional struggles, or navigating life’s challenges.

At Ideal Family Chiropractic, we’re not just healthcare providers; we’re your child’s health advocates. We’re committed to delivering unparalleled nervous system-centered care in Logan, empowering your family to achieve optimal well-being.

And for those curious, yes, we provide nervous system-focused chiropractic care for adults as well.

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Ideal Family Chiropractic Can Help With:

We do more than just crack your back.
Emotional Regulation

Decrease the severity, frequency, and duration of outbursts and tantrums. ODD, OCD, ADD and more.


When your baby is crying and you just don’t know why, come see us.


Eustachian Tube inflammation builds pressure in the ears and stops fluid from draining. We can help!


A true neurological dysfunction and we care for the neurology of each patient.


Neurologically focused chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate constipation in children. Our second most common condition in our office.


Assisting with a smooth and empowering birthing process. We help Mom pre and post birth. 


This is the top condition we see in our clinic. We see children ages 4-18 for this.


Improve focus, increase calm, and embrace progress.

jami hancey
jami hancey
Dr Tyler and his staff have been so helpful for me and my son. They are knowledgeable and get to the root of the problem which is all I could ask for. I never feel rushed and I’m able to get all my questions answered. The atmosphere is fantastic and I have learned so many things since bringing my son here. I’m grateful to have a place like this in cache valley!
Camila Amorim
Camila Amorim
My son started seeing a chiropractor in Draper two years ago. Last August we moved to Logan and I found Dr. Tyler. My son has SPD and had chronic constipation, when he started seeing Dr. Tyler he was having bowl movements twice or three times a week and now he has bowl movements every day! His SPD is A LOT more manageable and he is slowly trying new foods (he tried a banana this week for the first time!!). My son is 6 years old. Dr. Tyler also started adjusting my husband who has had a lot of back pain over the years and my 4 year old who was having trouble with constipation and would refuse to use the toilet. He went 8 days without a bowl movement and after his first adjustment with Dr. Tyler my son finally went! He is also using the toilet without problems and having bowl movements regularly! Dr. Tyler is super patient and asks how my sons are doing every time we come, he takes the time to talk to you and answer your questions. I highly recommend this place to everyone I know!
Cheyanne Allen
Cheyanne Allen
Ideal Family Chiropractic is the best. Dr Tyler is very knowledgable & his office staff are always so friendly. My kids look forward to going.
Sandra Ballif
Sandra Ballif
We are so thankful to have found ideal family chiropractic! The staff is amazing and have helped my little guy. He was struggling with school and sleeping through the night. After a couple months of treatment he has improved greatly. His teachers have even noticed a difference at school.
Spenser Hull
Spenser Hull
Dr Tyler was amazing. I woke up one day with a small kinked neck. Through out the day, carrying around my 4 month old, it got significantly worse. I had very minimal movement before I would have shooting pain that became unbearable. My husband called that afternoon hoping for a miracle that i could get in, and he got me in just a couple hours later. He was able to loosen up my neck, and I left his office feeling SO much better. He told he would he able to see me the next morning, but it felt so much better it wasn't needed. He had even called to check in the next day to see how I was doing. I am so appreciative of him, and I will be back!
Emily Stoker Stoker
Emily Stoker Stoker
We are seeing big changes in our kids because of Dr. Tyler’s help! They have better concentration in school, and just seem overall happier and healthier! Everyone at Dr. Tyler’s office are really friendly and helpful.
Cherie Naranjo
Cherie Naranjo
They were always professional and caring. They are also really easy to get into with my crazy schedule.
Kimberly Allen
Kimberly Allen
Tyler and his staff are so friendly. They feel like family. Tyler has helped with my overall health. He is willing to take time to listen and answer questions. He also fit me in for an appointment when I was in a car accident. It made a big difference. I highly recommend Tyler for his chiropractic care.
Teri Sorensen
Teri Sorensen
Highly recommend!

Who We Care For:

Pediatric Chiropractic

At Ideal Family Chiropractic, we specialize in enhancing your child's nervous system through gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments designed just for kids. Our unique expertise in pediatric nervous system health sets us apart, with 80% of our daily patients being children. We assure you, your child's safety, comfort, and nervous system well-being are our top priorities.

Prenatal Chiropractic

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe but also highly beneficial! Dr. Tyler is Webster Certified to care for pregnant women. Our prenatal chiropractic care is tailored to address the specific needs of expectant mothers, promoting a more relaxed pregnancy and contributing to a smoother labor and delivery process.

Family Chiropractic

Yes, we see adults too. Experiencing physical discomfort, emotional struggles, or navigating challenging situations? These can all be signs of stress on the nervous system. Make an appointment today to support your family's neurologic health! Interested in a comprehensive family care plan? We're ready to tailor one to your family's specific needs, focusing on optimal nervous system function for all.

Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care

Ideal Family Chiropractic embraces a neurologically centered approach to chiropractic wellness. We utilize the cutting-edge, NASA-approved INSIGHT Scanner technology for all our patients. This advanced tool enables us to gain a comprehensive view of the central nervous system’s health, pinpointing areas where we can provide targeted support. Our mission is to empower you and your children to achieve your fullest potential, guided by precise, neuro-focused chiropractic care.

Ideal Family Chiropractic Neurology
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