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When Your Child Struggles wit Bedwetting: #1 Cause Is Usually Found in the Nervous System

Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a common issue that affects many children and can be a source of stress and embarrassment for them and concern for their parents. It’s a situation that, while often kept private, is shared by many families worldwide.

Understanding the causes of bedwetting and exploring gentle, effective solutions can significantly impact your child’s confidence and emotional well-being. This guide dives into the potential causes of bedwetting, the role of the nervous system, how pediatric chiropractic care can offer a natural approach to management, and supportive lifestyle adjustments that can help.

4 Types of Bedwetting

There are 4 types of Enuresis. Your child may have 1 or more of the following: 

  • Primary Enuresis: This happens when a child has not fully mastered toilet training and has never managed to stay consistently dry during the day or night for a significant period.
  • Secondary Enuresis: This is when a child has experienced a period of consistent dryness but then begins bedwetting and having periods of wetness again.
  • Nighttime (nocturnal) Enuresis: This is when bedwetting during the night occurs, and it is the most common time of Enuresis.
  • Daytime (diurnal) Enuresis: This is when wetting / accidents during the day happen.

Causes of Bedwetting

The causes of bedwetting are varied and can include factors such as genetic predisposition, deep sleep patterns where the brain does not respond to the full bladder signal, and slower physical development of the bladder or the muscles that control urination. Other things to consider are:

  • A small bladder
  • Inability to recognize a full bladder
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Emotional Stress
Bedwetting, Ideal Family Chiropractic

Additionally, an often-overlooked aspect is the health of the child’s nervous system, which plays a crucial role in bladder control and the communication between the brain and the bladder.

The Role of The Nervous System in Bedwetting

Pediatric chiropractic care offers a unique, non-invasive approach to addressing bedwetting that focuses on the health of the nervous system. Misalignments in the spine (subluxations) can disrupt the normal nerve function and communication pathways between the brain and the bladder, contributing to bedwetting. Through gentle spinal adjustments, pediatric chiropractors aim to restore proper alignment and improve nerve function, potentially reducing the frequency of bedwetting incidents.

How INSiGHT Scanning Technology Enhances Care

INSiGHT Scanning technology provides an advanced, non-invasive way to assess the nervous system’s health and identify specific areas where imbalances may affect bladder control. This technology allows chiropractors to tailor their care more precisely, targeting the root causes of bedwetting with gentle adjustments designed for children’s unique needs.

  • Tailored Adjustments: With the detailed insights from INSiGHT scans, chiropractic care can be specifically directed to improve nerve function related to bladder control.
  • Progress Monitoring: This technology also enables chiropractors and parents to track improvements in nerve function and bladder control over time, offering hope and encouragement through visible progress.
  • Holistic Health Perspective: Beyond addressing bedwetting, INSiGHT Scanning provides a comprehensive view of a child’s nervous system health, supporting overall well-being.

Supportive Lifestyle Adjustments

Alongside chiropractic care, several lifestyle adjustments can help manage bedwetting:

  • Evening Fluid Intake: Limiting fluids in the evening can reduce the likelihood of bedwetting, though it’s important to ensure your child stays well-hydrated during the day.
  • Bladder Training: Encouraging regular bathroom breaks throughout the day and practicing holding urine for longer periods can strengthen the bladder.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Creating a supportive environment that avoids punishment for bedwetting incidents can reduce stress and promote self-confidence.

Empower your Child Today

Witnessing the challenges of bedwetting or any form of enuresis can be tough, but hope and specialized assistance are within reach. It’s crucial not to wait for your child to outgrow these issues or to rely on temporary fixes. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive consultation with our dedicated team or schedule an appointment here.

If you’re not local, connect with a Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractor within the PX Docs network. Your child deserves a life free from the shadows of embarrassment and frustration, marked by peaceful nights and joyful mornings. 

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Jake Olaveson
Jake Olaveson
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Elissa Benson
Elissa Benson
Tyler and Shayla are amazing! It was great information and excellent service on. Neurology is a big part of our body’s function and can impact us greatly. I would highly recommend him as your chiropractor.
Krista Miller
Krista Miller
Dr. Tyler has been amazing with helping my daughter with her bedwetting problems and making sure she always feels comfortable. He always answers any questions we have and makes sure you feel like a person and not just a patient. Front staff is also amazing and always so friendly!
Alexis Lyman
Alexis Lyman
Dr Tyler & his wife Shayla are amazing! They’re so selfless and personable which adds to a business a ton. Dr. Tyler is also extremely educated and passionate about what he does. Couldn’t recommend them more!
Annaliese Resendes
Annaliese Resendes
Tyler is great! He always listens to my concerns and will follow up with me at every visit!
Leisel Nichols
Leisel Nichols
Dr Shearer is seeing my 6 yr old for frequent mysterious stomach pains. It has been a great experience — she loves the adjustments and we’ve seen a great improvement in her pain overall!
Rachel Wahlquist
Rachel Wahlquist
I have been coming to Tyler for the past few months. Tyler and his staff are very personable and hope you feel comfortable in the office! Tyler is very knowledgeable and even though I don’t have kids I’ve seen him interact with the kids that do come and he is excellent with them. Every visit I’ve left feeling better than when I walked in. A big plus is my headaches are gone!
Derrek Long
Derrek Long
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Catherine Wild Daisy Homestead
Catherine Wild Daisy Homestead
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Tara Funk
Tara Funk
If you want to improve your health and quality of life, check out what Ideal Family Chiropractic has to offer! I suffered from fatigue, and never feeling fully rested despite getting more than enough sleep at night. Since getting adjustments, I’ve been amazed to finally wake up feeling refreshed, better mood, and not feeling like I need multiple naps throughout the day. I have also had fewer and less severe headaches. I’ve been going 3x’s/wk for about a month now. Super thankful to have found this practice, and Dr. Shearer!