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Breech Babies and Chiropractic Care​

Breech Babies and Chiropractic Care

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Bottoms Up: Breech Babies

The typical and best position for a baby just before birth is head down, bottom up.  Their face is supposed to be facing mom’s back.  This allows for smooth transition down the birth canal and into your arms.  When a baby is breech, this can mean several different things, but usually refers to a position where the baby’s head is not positioned to be birthed first.  Some of these positions are if the baby’s bottom and legs are down, bottom down and legs up, or one leg is up.  Breech babies are at higher risk for certain birth complications and traumas.  Most OBGYN’s and hospitals want moms to have a C-section if they have a breech baby toward the end of pregnancy.  However, vaginal birth can be done with breech babies.

Can Chiropractors Turn Babies?

Babies in the womb start moving into a more vertical position around the beginning of the third trimester.  Some babies get into position around 28 weeks, some wait a few weeks longer.  If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and the baby still hasn’t gone head down, this can be very stressful as talks of a C-section start.  Some providers may recommend ECV, or extra cephalic version, which is manually trying to push and turn the baby into proper position.  The success rate of ECV is somewhere in the range of 50%.

Ideal Family Chiropractic, Breech Baby and Chiropractic

Webster Technique and Breech Babies

Chiropractors are not trained or qualified to turn babies via ECV.  However, Webster technique has shown much success in ensuring the baby is in the proper position for birth.  Webster Technique is a specialized pregnancy training certification in chiropractic that gives the chiropractor added expertise in the treatment of pregnant women.  While the technique does not include manually turning the baby, it often results in the baby turning into a position on its own.

This is done because the technique addresses changes in the mom’s pregnant body, specifically the pelvis.  Webster Technique assesses muscle tone, ligament tension, and pelvic bony alignment.  Releasing ligament and muscle tension along with pelvic alignment creates the most space and opportunity for your baby to move into proper position.  Combining Webster Technique with a neurologically-focused chiropractor is a great way to not only endure but thrive throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and the Nervous System

Your pregnancy, and all the changes it brings on, are all controlled by your nervous system.  When you come to Ideal Family Chiropractic, you can rest assured that you are getting the most thorough care because we not only do Webster Technique, but we also help your nervous system to be at its best for you and your baby!

If you’re looking for more information about pregnancy or pregnancy related resources, the American Pregnancy Association is a great resource!

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