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The Nuts and Bolts of Dystautonomia

What if there was 1️⃣ singular health condition + problem out there that could be the root cause of countless other chronic conditions such as headaches, chronic fatigue and anxiety, gut 💩 and immune issues, spectrum and sensory processing disorders, and so much more? 

Well, just because your traditional doctor 🥼doesn’t know about it and wants to keep prescribing another pill 💊for every problem your child (or for your own health) is facing, doesn’t mean it’s not a reality! 

As parents, the absolute number 1️⃣ thing we want to know when our kids are sick and struggling is this – what’s causing it? It’s just so natural and innate for us as parents to want to know the root cause… yet pediatricians and medical doctors spend all their time just trying to manage and shut down symptoms instead of addressing root causes. 

Well, parents, the answer so many of you have been searching for 🔍 is this – dysautonomia

One of the things that makes dysautonomia so hard to diagnose and dial in is that it presents with such a wide variety of symptoms, and it’s not something that can be found on traditional medical tests like blood work 🩸 and labs. 

So what the heck is dysautonomia

It is a neurological 🧠 condition that results in major imbalances (also known as subluxations) within the autonomic nervous system and is linked to an overstressed and overactive sympathetic nervous system… and, in turn, often underactive and suppressed parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve function. 

This leads to a combination of two not-so-good-at-all things for those struggling with dysautonomia: 

1️⃣ – Increased sympathetic activity means more tension, anxiety, fatigue, elevated blood pressure, tachycardia, and more 

2️⃣– Less parasympathetic and vagus nerve activity means suppressed gut function, a weaker immune system, and less social + emotional regulation 

But here’s the good news, parents 🙌 – our PX Docs Network specializes in complicated neurological challenges that traditional medicine can’t handle. We can find + detect dysautonomia and imbalance within your child’s nervous system with our incredible scanning technology 💻 called the INSiGHT Scans

Then from there, we put together an ultra-personalized + customized neurological care plan for your child, consisting of neurologically-focused chiropractic adjustments that help release stuck stress within the nervous system and restore balance 🧘 to the autonomics, vagus nerve, and more. 

Our PX Docs always focus their work on getting to the root cause and addressing the nervous system FIRST, with each and every patient, no matter the condition or health challenge.

Patients receiving Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care report improved sleep, digestive function, immune response, motor planning, behavioral and emotional regulation, and more 🎉! 

If you suspect your child (or yourself) is suffering from dysautonomia and want to learn more about it, please check out our in-depth article here, and then when you’re ready to get your child a consultation and set of INSiGHT Scans with your local PX Doc, visit our directory and give your PX Doc a call right away to get started!